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Skin + Coat Soft Chews for Dogs


They’ll HOUND you for these tasty chews. Whoever says they don’t want soft luscious skin and coat must be puggin’ kidding themselves. With this My Pet Defense Skin & Coat Supplement, a healthy and beautiful coat on your dog is achievable. Whether your pet is competing in dog shows or is a frequent flier on your Instagram page, our supplement will help keep your dog beautiful and comfortable in their skin. Our supplement includes Salmon Oil and Omega 3s to promote a beautiful skin & coat, Biotin to revitalize dry skin, and added fatty acids to bolster a healthy coat and a healthy heart. Each supplement is sealed, airtight, in our foil-sealed packaging, keeping our supplements fresh for longer. Keep your pet happy and healthy with our delicious Skin & Coat supplement!

  • Contains 30 days supply