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ShieldTec for Dogs Flea + Tick Collar

by Promika

One, two, flea - GO! The fleas leaving fast and furrious with SheildTec eliminatibg the fleas and ticks on contact. As this is a fast-acting formula, it is best to avoid itchy or painful bite areas for the comfort of your furry friend. The Time-Release technology is delivered by the dog’s natural oils spreading throughout the body and can last up to 6 months

  • RIGHT-FIT DESIGN: Provides an easy-fit, comfortable surface to avoid irritation. Triple clasp system ensures the collar stays engaged even for the most active of dogs.

  • WATERPROOF: Remains effective following a bath, exposure to rain or sunlight, and even after playing in the pool!

  • ShieldTec Flea and Tick Collar is manufactured in the USA and EPA registered.