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Salvo for Dogs - Flea + Tick Collar

by Promika

It’s not about the size of the collar, but how long it lasts. Salvo for dogs has a Right-Fit design with smooth edges for superior comfort and a triple clasp system to ensure collar engagement security for ruff dogs. Our non-greasy Time-Release technology will bind to your dog’s natural oils and disperse throughout the body. With this technology, the collar will last for up to 12 months in all conditions even with exposure to sunlight, rain, and the pool. Pawsible irritant areas should be avoided as this collar is effective upon contact.

  • 2 PACK: 2 collars for 12 months of protection

  • SIZE SMALL/MEDIUM - Fits necks up to 20 inches

  • SIZE LARGE - Fits necks up to 25 inches

  • The Salvo Flea and Tick Collar is made in the USA and registered with the EPA. MPD Direct is an authorized seller of Promika products.