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Quirkies: Wild + Free - Cheddar Cheese Dog Biscuits

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Wild animals aren’t so wild once you get to know them. These fun animal shapes are reminiscent of your favorite boxed childhood snack. Additionally, our fun animal shapes make Quirkies easy to break into smaller pieces to serve any snacking purpose or training tryst. Your pup will love the tasty goodness of these fun-shaped, super yummy dog cookies. Over the decades, Quirkies have gained pup-ularity and have become a staple in the cupboards of dog lovers everywhere. Can you guess which animals are represented in the Quirkies box?

FULL OF CHEDDAR CHEESE FLAVOR: It’s time to get that cheddar! Cheddar cheese, flavor, that is. These dog biscuits will make your pet’s mouth water. We pup-prove these cheesy treats because they contain protein, calcium, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and B-complex vitamins.

MADE IN THE USA: Developed by a Culinary Institute of America chef and nutritionist for his own furry friend, Quirkies are made with all-natural ingredients that your dog will love, and you can trust. Even the most patriotic of pups will pup-preciate that all the ingredients are proudly sourced in the USA and made in trusted USA facilities. This helps to ensure that our high standards are upheld and that you and your pup will keep coming back for more. Quirkies dog treats are filled with luscious flavors that dogs love and are full of high-quality ingredients. With snacks as delicious and nutritious as these, don't be surprised if they keep sitting, laying, and rolling over for these treats.

HUMAN-GRADE DOG TREATS: These dog treats are made with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives making them perfect for any occasion. While you might have your own cookies in the cabinets, are made with human-grade ingredients, so you can confidently treat your pup knowing that they’re receiving the best of the best ingredients - just like your own human snacks! When your furry friend has their own yummy peanut butter cookies, you won’t have to share your own!

PERFECT TRAINING TREATS: Whether they’re a puppy or an old dog learning new tricks, these human-grade dog biscuits are ideal for everyday treating or training. Your dog will be on their best behavior to earn Quirkies, so teaching them to sit, stay, roll over, and more will be a breeze! Because they are filled with nutritious ingredients, they make an excellent option for a snack, training treat, and when you simply want to show them a little extra love. These treats are easy to break into smaller portions to ease your treating and training journey. With ingredients and production standards like ours, you’ll feel even better about treating your pup.

HAND-CRAFTED AND SMALL-BATCH: Our company has been hand making high-quality dog treats with love since 1989. Mitch Ross created Quirkies for his sweet black lab, Noodles. As a Culinary Institute of America chef and nutritionist, he wanted to be sure that Noodles had the best-tasting, healthiest dog treats he could while also being creative. He set to work at home and created several dog treats including the beloved Quirkies. Noodles loved the snacks, and Mitch Ross loved creating clever, tasty, and nutritious dog treats for dogs everywhere. Even the pickiest pups love Quirkies. Since 1989, all of our small-batch dog cookies are made with real ingredients - no mass-production here!