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Fall 2020 Sticker Pack


Three times the fun! Our sticker pack includes three exclusive designs for My Pet Defense from the fall of 2020.


Glitter Sparkle Paws Sticker (measures 1.89" x 1.57")

Removable Vinyl Train Your Human Sticker (measures 1.73" x 2.00")

Holographic I'm A Mouse Sticker (measures 2.01" x 1.05")

Glitter stickers are the perfect way to bring your rainbow fantasy to life. Fashioned from a full-spectrum, holographic flake material, this metalized vinyl is incredibly high quality and built to last. 

Removable vinyl stickers have a strong adhesive to stay on your selected surface, and also use bubble free air egress technology, making the application super easy and smooth. This material is also waterproof and outdoor durable, and can be removed easily without leaving behind sticky residue or adhesive.

Holographic stickers are digitally printed with white ink and made from an innovative 3mil thick metalized vinyl, paired to a permanent acrylic adhesive. They're are made with a highly reflective metallization layer which offers wonderful effects even in a dimly lit environment such as on a car surface at night!