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Calming Stick for Dogs + Cats

by foufou

Our pets can go through some trying times of stress and anxieties, just like their human counterparts. Car rides can sometimes be scary while rainy days and thunderstorms may send them into a frenzied, anxious episode. Fou-Stick Calm can help remedy and soothe your cat or dog’s stress and anxiety through a combination of natural calming ingredients such as chamomile, passionflower, lavender and herbal oils and essences.

  • This product comes in a 6-piece PDQ box, with each stick at 0.5oz.
  • Each PDX box dimensions measure at 4.75’’L x 3.5’’W x 7’’H
  • Also available for sale in peggable Blister Packs!
  • For the best results: Try to first create a calm, quiet space for your pet. Massage onto their paws, inner collar or rub a small amount on hands, then gently massage around your pet’s neck and back. For cats, only apply on the underside of their collar.